Two MennoMedia Releases on In Search of Promised Lands

Book jacket for the book

Book jacket for the book

This week my publisher, MennoMedia, issued two releases related to my book.

  1. A press release on In Search of Promised Lands at
  2. My guest blog  providing more context on my approach to writing the book. Partly extracted from the book’s preface, it begins:

As I waded into a six-year project on writing the history of Mennonites in Ontario, I had to think carefully of how I stood in relation to the subject matter. I knew that no historical writing is objective. Each interpreter of past events is shaped by personal heritage, training, and beliefs, not to mention the resources available when making that interpretation. I decided I should be as transparent as possible in describing my perspective and my place in this history of Ontario Mennonites.

You can read the rest at:

The usual blog will appear on Monday

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