Giveaway Draw on Goodreads

If you read a lot of books, and are interested in what other people are reading, you might consider joining the Goodreads community. Goodread is owned by Amazon, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a useful site. There can be thoughtful reviews (as well as bad reviews), but it’s a place to sometimes find surprising information about a book.

I’ve gradually added many of the Mennonite historical books from my personal library to Goodreads because I like to give them exposure. If you look at my Goodreads library, you’ll find I also like mysteries and historical fiction, along with Mennonite-related fiction.

Anyway, Goodreads sometimes has book giveaways. My book, In Search of Promised Lands: a Religious History of Mennonites in Ontario, is being offered in a giveaway that ends May 31. One copy is available, but someone has to win it. You have to register with Goodreads to participate. Check it out at

At the time of posting 39 people have expressed interest.

Good luck!

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