A Map of Mennonite Churches in Ontario

In the last week or so I’ve worked on a map of Mennonite churches and meetinghouses in Ontario, trying to include all churches that identify as Mennonite, and even a few that do not claim a Mennonite identity, but hold to conservative Mennonite values in significant ways. It does not include new congregations that temporarily worship in rented spaces, or locations that appear to be in private homes.

Presently there are 260 churches in the list, including several historical churches that are no longer used for regular worship. If you click on the down arrow in the map legend on the left, you will see all the churches listed, grouped by conference. Unaffiliated congregations (light grey) are listed at the end.

If you click on an icon, you’ll see the name of the conference in which the congregation is a member, as well as the address of the congregation.

I created this map in Google Maps, which allows a limited amount of maneuvering by visitors to the map. You can drill down on the map or drag it various directions as you wish. If Google “knows” the site, it does allow you to get to a Google map that will let you request directions, etc.

I’m sure there are errors and omissions. I’d love to hear about these. Give me the exact address (or GPS location), and if you can provide a picture of the building it would be great.

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