Sam-2017I grew up in the home of a Mennonite pastor and school teacher. During the Vietnam War I became a draft resister and moved to Canada in 1968. I studied history and library science, served as Librarian and Archivist at Conrad Grebel University College (affiliated with the University of Waterloo) for almost 34 years, retiring in 2008. I am married to a retired Mennonite pastor.

I served as managing editor of the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online (GAMEO)(http://gameo.org) until the end of 2011. I continue as an Associate Managing Editor. My writing has related to Mennonite history, especially Ontario Mennonite history.

Two blog posts tell more of my story. The first relates my experience with an underground newspaper, Menno-Pause, at Goshen College; the second describes my experience with the Vietnam War and my move to Canada.

My earlier books are Vicarious Pioneer: The Life Of Jacob Y. Shantz  and Lead Us On: A History Of Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, 1945 1995 . I was also an editor of Mennonite Identity : Historical and Contemporary Perspectives and Anabaptist/Mennonite Faith and Economics . My current book is In Search of Promised Lands: a Religious History of Ontario Mennonites.

I am a Goodreads author, and am found on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedn.

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  1. Sam. Maybe you remember me. Jim Huebert. If you see this please consider emailing me. james_huebert@msn.com today i found something in a box that you wrote over half a century ago. Reminded me of the “good old days”


  2. Hello Mr. Steiner, my name is Jacob Miller McCrone I currently live in Philadelphia but my grandparents were Mennonites in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My grandparents were Elmer S. Miller and Lois Longenecker Miller. My grandfather Elmer was a part of the Mennonite Hour quartet with Nevin Miller and Earl Maust. I found one of their songs, Quiet Hour, online and the website said “Gameo” said that you had uploaded the file. I would love to see if you have more of their songs as Elmer recently passed away. If you can, please give me your email address and we can talk more.


    • I am married to Sue C. Steiner, a retired Mennonite minister from Mennonite Church Eastern Canada, a denomination that allows women to be in leadership positions such as a pastor.


  3. I found a marriage cert. to a Georgia Beam Black Creek, Ontario to a E.Reid. G.Beam is a descendant of A.Beam. Do you want it? Just pick it up..free.For your history. Mike


    • Thanks for the offer, but I don’t personally collect historical memorabilia. I would suggest checking with a local historical society or library that has a local history collection.


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